Important Questions and Paper Pattern – Business Economics

Important Question Bank and Paper pattern

Q1 A) Fill in the blanks
B) True or false
Q2 Any 2 (15 marks -7.5 marks for each question)
A) David Ricardo theory/ Heckscher- Ohlin Theory (both with assumption and limitation)
B) Terms of trade* – Net Barter/Gross barter/income /Single and double factoral Terms of trade
C) Reciprocal demand/Offer curve/ Gains from international trade
Q3 Any 2 (15 marks -7.5 marks for each question)
A) Free Trade policy* – advantages and disadvantages/ Protectionist trade policy- advantages and disadvantages B) Tariff Barriers-types and its effects(with diagrams) /Non Tariff Barriers*
C) Types and Objectives of international economic integration/ European union & Brexit
Q4 Any 2 (15 marks -7.5 marks for each question)
A) Structure of Balance of payment* (related question for example -Balance of payment always balances- discuss, points will be same)
B) Types, causes and measures to correct disequilibrium*
C) WTO Principles and agreements*
Q5 Any 2 (15 marks -7.5 marks for each question)
A) Participants in foreign exchange market/ Hedging ,arbitrage* and speculation
B) Determination of equilibrium exchange rate */ Purchasing power parity theory *
C) Fixed exchange rate system* and Floating exchange rate system

Q6 Short notes on- any 3 (20 marks)
a) Spot and forward exchange rate
b) Role of central government under managed float
c) Factors affecting terms of trade
e) Types of floating(flexible) exchange rate system

Note – * Marked question are not to be kept in option .

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